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Your gifts to study abroad support study-abroad options in over 20 countries, including 18 Dickinson-run global programs and over 30 partner programs, as well as short-term, faculty-led programs such as summer programs or Global Mosaics and Globally Integrated which are connected to semester long courses.

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Gifts to study abroad don't just help students see the world; they help students engage the world. That's because Dickinson's approach to study abroad gets students directly involved in the communities to which they travel.

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18 global programs with more than 50 study-abroad options, which result in over 60% of Dickinson students studying aboard before graduation.

Why are donations necessary?

Your gifts help Dickinson maintain faculty-led study abroad programs on every habitable continent on the globe. What's more, they help keep engaging the world affordable, because when Dickinson students study abroad, their financial-aid travels with them.