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Dickinson Fund - The Full Dickinson Experience

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Board of Trustees Dickinson Fund Challenge

In the spirit of this giving season, the Board of Trustees has made a challenge gift, offering to match all gifts to the Dickinson Fund—The Full Dickinson Experience (which provides funding to the college's most vital areas each year) or scholarships up to $60,000.

Dickinson Fund - The Full Dickinson Experience

The Dickinson Fund operates at the very heart of the college and its impact is felt in the lives of students every day. Working in line with the college's mission and core values, the Dickinson Fund supports every aspect of the Dickinson experience, helping to forge difference-makers who make a positive impact on the wider world. It's more than just giving back; it's about fueling the future.

Why are donations necessary?

Dickinson Fund gifts make an immediate impact on the college. Your gift funds scholarships, enhances academic opportunities, upgrades the tools and facilities our students and faculty use to discover the future, and helps every student become a difference-maker. By making a gift to the Dickinson Fund, you play a vital role in educating future citizen-leaders for lives of purpose.

Donations are applied to...

Dickinson Fund gifts support every aspect of the Dickinson experience, including academic programs, scholarships, student-faculty research, global education, student life, facilities enhancements and much more.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!